Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tummy ache

Ohhhhh... tummy ache...

right now i am laying down relaxing because i woke up this morning with a tummy ache. I dont know what happened, i was fine last night when i went to bed with my mommies.

I woke up this morning and started playing with my one mommy so the other mommy could sleep a lil more then i started coughing like i was going to be sick and my mommies decided to let me go outside.

I went outside and peed then i layed down because i really didnt feel well. when i did get up here and there to try to get comfy in the grass my mommies said it looked like i was a drunk puppy. whatever that means. So then both my mommies came into the back yard with me to sit with me and pet me. Shortly after they came to sit with me i got a grumbly in my tummy, it wasnt a nice grumbly. Then i threw up this yukky yellow stuff twice... it left me with a really yukky taste in my mouth. then i layed down some more, with my mommies in the grass for a lil bit. But then it got time to go back in the house, so now im laying down in here.

too bad my doctor person wont be around until monday... Hopefully i feel better before then.

Monday, July 25, 2005

So... mommies went to six flags

So I feel like I need to blog today because I have been lonely all day. My mommies went to this place that they call six flags twice this week and they left me home all day by myself. I mean I know I am getting older and that they can't always be with me but I miss my mommies when they go away :( When they left me on saturday night I was a really good boy and even though I was home for like a whole 15 hours I didn't have one single accident the whole time because I knew that my mommies missed me and they would come home and be tired and I just wanted to cuddle not make them clean up my messes. but tonight while they were gone I had two accidents but I don't think that that's too bad I mean I'm just a little guy I can't hold it forever mommies. Let's see what else have I been up to lately. Well my uncle Jon came to visit me for a while this past week and my kid was home too so that was a lot of fun. I wish we went to the park like we did last time uncle jon came to visit but I had fun anyway I guess. He likes to play with me outside and so does my kid so that makes me really happy. My mommies are busy sometimes so it is nice to have some kids around to play with me when my mommies can't. Ok well my mommies are home for sixflags now and I really, really, really want to spend time with them so I am going to stop writing but I will try to be a little better about writing more often because lets face it I only have the memory of a baby puppy and sometimes... I forget!

Monday, June 27, 2005

mmm... ice cream time... my favorite

So guess what. My mommies got me these things called frosty paws at the store... they're like people ice cream but for dogs. Because my tummy doesn't like real milk... it makes me sick... just like my kid. They let me have one today because I was so good... or maybe it was because it's really hot out. My mommies really love me. They gave me a yummy peanut butter one... as you can see in my pictures peanut butter is MY FAVORITE. Yum. I've been a really good boy lately. One of my mommies fell and hurt herself while I was sleeping but as soon as I heard her yell for my other mommie I ran over to the door and tried to get out to see her but I was barking and nobody would open that big wooden thing that was in my way. She came home later that night with a weird, funny looking thing on one of her hands and on her foot :( So I tried to bite it off for her once or twice but she yelled at me! I was just trying to help mom... geeze. I'm really happy because since my mommie got those funny things she hasn't left me at all. She can't play with me like she did before but at least she doesn't leave me anymore.... So sue me... I'm a needy puppy and I want as much mommie time as I can get. I've gotten really good at the whole potty training thing too. I haven't had any accidents in a long time. Well at least since that last entry. I found out yesterday that my aunts Sharon and Jacqui are coming to see me in August. I love company.. that way when my mommies are too busy to play with me I can bring my toy to them... they're going to be on vacation... from what I understand... vacation is when you have nothing to do.... that means lots of play time for me :) Yay for Aunts. I didnt' get to meet them yet... My mommies tell me that they are nice... maybe they will bring me a present. Isn't that what family is for... :) Hmmm.... whatelse... I think I am going to go now so I can cash in on some of that mommie time I was talking about but I will keep you posted on my exciting life as a puppy :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

pictures of me...Arent i cute :)

look im a lil guy sleeping in my bed

look me as a baby with my puppy, my bone and my 1st ever crate

mmm im still a baby and my mommie gave me peanut butter :) THANK YOU MOMMIES

arent i cute .... :)

awww its me with my uncle jon...

this was taken a couple days ago... ME! that flash was bright :)

Im a silly puppy sometimes


Hi Im midnight the cute and adorable (yet dark and devious) puppy :)

let me just tell you a bit about myself

my mommies got me from the SPCA place in Angola, ny... these people found me on the side of the road in a shoe box with my brother who sadly enough didnt make it :(


hmm what else...

my favorite games are fetch and tug of war but my teacher lady said i shouldnt play that b./c im so dark and devious sometimes

I am a Black- Lab / Terrior mix, or so I am told... Supposedly my bday is feb 15, 2005 but we're not to sure about that one...

My living arr. are as follows:
my 2 mommies
my kid
my big brother boomer(the cat)
and my 3 sisters(cats) - Koopa, Speck & Munchie... But i like to refer to Koopa as the mean one, she slashes at me so of course i have to chase and bark at her in retaliation. I will admit that sometimes i start things (but shhh dont tell my mommies)

today I went for my 4 month check up and shots... I weigh 26 pounds... Im getting big!
I got 2 shots in my butt, it hurt but i was good and didnt even growl at the vet lady.

Im still teething some so lately i have been chewing on table legs and other wooden things... as well as my tail and feet.

I got my name Midnight (the Dark & Devious) because im hyper and i jump up on other big people and i love to give kisses but sometimes i get super excited and i nip a lil bit, ok so maybe sometimes this is an understatement but i mean well and i dont bite the kid, and i like to protect her when she gets into trouble and from strangers. So its a good situation b/c i protect her and she feeds me things the mommies dont want me to have like pizza... Yum

The other night my mommies went to a baseball game and i decided to bark up a storm so much that my brother and sisters decided to get mad at me and pee on things, they peed on all my favorite things...

i use to sleep in something called a crate, then i outgrew it so i learned to sleep on the futon this was fun much more room to stretch out, and i could lay on my mommies when they were watching tv. then it got really hot and now i sleep with my mommies b/c they have the coolest room in the house, which is better b/c im a needy dog or so said the vet, and i cant be so much as in a different room than them for more than a few minutes or i start barking and crying for them.

So yea today is apparently the last time i have to go to the vet again until october... that should be fun no more shots for a while... now my mommies will be able to take that money that they would be spending at my doctors to buy me new toys and treats.

Yesterday my mommies threw out my favorite toy... the alien that they just got me back on memorial day, when we were visiting gma... i loved that toy so much it was bursting at the seems, & my squeeky bone is missing too, and dont forget my 1st ever squeeky toy my doggie, he got thrown out a while ago, b/c he was overly loved as well. so now my only squeky toy is my bright squeeky bone thing... but that one doesnt have fur so its not fun to cuddle, so my mommie gave me a teddy bear for that

I think its time to go my mommies need the computer now besides if they see me typing ill get in trouble.

my next entry will be some pictures of my family